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Your internship in The Netherlands

How amazing is it to do an internship in The Netherlands where a completely different company culture prevails and where different standards of conduct apply? A jump into the deep, but also a jump to an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. In addition you will quickly make new friends with colleagues, roommates and other international students during your internship abroad.

Internship abroad, it is just like a holiday!

During your internship in The Netherlands, you will have enough free time to discover The Netherlands or perhaps other countries, make beautiful trips and have unforgettable experiences. Doing an internship in The Netherlands feels like a huge long vacation for most students.

Your internship in The Netherlands

Of course you also have to work during your internship in The Netherlands! When you register for an internship, we will discuss all your wishes and requirements. You will probably have some preferences and your school will also have certain requirements. Together we will discuss this so that everything is clear to us and we can focus on finding a suitable internship in The Netherlands for you!

You will work at the Dutch internship company on the agreed days and times and you will be assigned a supervisor. We will always make sure that you are assigned an English speaking supervisor (always everyone in speaks English in The Netherlands).

1# Build an international business network

During your internship in The Netherlands you will get to know many new people. You will make new friendships with for example locals, other international students and of course your future colleagues! You will expand your network both professionally and privately. Chances are that you will make friends for life, but also get to know people who might be able to help you in business. An international (business) network is a big advantage of an internship in The Netherlands.

2# Boost your CV and distinguish yourself

Once you graduate, there is a good chance that you will be looking for a job. It is well known that as a starter it can often be difficult to find your dream job in the job market. Employers are often looking for people with a lot of experience or recent graduates who stand out with their CVs. If you have done an internship in The Netherlands, you will have built up a lot of international (work) experience, which will benefit your CV. You will definitely be one step ahead of the competition! An internship in The Netherlands shows that you dare to take on challenges, that you step out of your comfort zone and that you have gained international work experience. It will surprise you how much employers value this. Did you know that graduates who did an internship abroad usually find a job faster than graduates who didn't?

3# A life experience never to forget

The main reason why you would probably want to do an internship in The Netherlands is because of the unique experience. And it certainly is. An internship in The Netherlands is an experience to remember and for almost all students the best time of their study. You will be in a totally different country where a different culture prevails, mainly a different language is spoken and different standards of interaction apply. You will have a lot of life experience and experiences to remember. In short: Do you want to have the best time of your study? Then opt for an internship in The Netherlands!

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Internships for all study levels

Are you studying and are you looking for an internship in The Netherlands? Visit than our website Stagelanden.com Then we are happy to help you. We offer internships in almost all fields and for all levels. Because we have a large range of Dutch companies in our portfolio, we can find a suitable and challenging internship in The Netherlands for you in 99% of the cases.

If we do not have a suitable company in our portfolio for you, we will start looking! We will not stop until we find a great internship in The Netherlands for you.

What are the costs?

The price of an internship in The Netherlands depends on the internship location, the duration of your internship and what you would like us to organize. We offer internship mediation at a fixed rate and a total package. The total package includes accommodation and depends on the number of months your internship abroad lasts.

For a price indication and information about all the posibilities please contact us.

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Signing up for an internship in The Netherlands is completely non-binding. After we have received your application we will discuss the possibilities together. If you would like to do an internship through us we will ask for a deposit. This is a guarantee for us, as we spend a lot of time to find the best suitable internship.

In 99% of the cases we will find a suitable internship company. If it doesnt work out, you will of course get your payment back.

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